FKT: Jon Balabuck, Robert (Van) Bailey, Andrew Smith - Sleeping Giant Circumnavigation (ON, Canada) - 2020-09-16

Route variation
one lap
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
2h 11m 4s

Sunny clear day, +16 with little wind 

direction of travel: clockwise
Time- 2:11:04
Run started at 10:30 with Jon Balabuck, Andrew Smith, Van Bailey and Doug Thiessen heading from Kabeyan trail head. Run was steady firstv8km to boulder fields where running stopped and scrambling began. Pace remained slow climbing up over the feet of the giant. West side of giant 8km was hard at times to run due to overgrowth on trail and saplings at head height. Several trees were down which slowed pace. Once entering Sawyer Bay, the trail opened up The last 6km and strides where able to open. This section was underestimated for its topography and proved more difficult than thought. Unfortunately, Doug fell off the pace and the remaining three ran steady down Sawbill trail back to Kabeyan. Once on Kabeyan we were happy to climb one last time to the trail head post. Great day all around.