Route: Sleeping Giant Circumnavigation (ON, Canada)

Ontario, CA
15 mi
Vertical Gain
1,100 ft

The iconic Sleeping Giant peninsula in view from nearby Thunder Bay. It has a hiking trail that goes around the geological feature on the Kabeyun and Sawyer Bay trails. Can be done either way via Tee Harbour or Sawyer's Bay and hiked in summer or skied if conditions are just right in a snowy Spring.  Note that we only track FKTs for hiking/running, not skiing.

Note the route follows the Kabeyun Trail around the Sleeping Giant until Sawyer's Bay and then follows that trail back to the trailhead. This is by far the most common route taken by hikers and the most common route trailhead to trailhead.


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Hey, I'll be attempting to beat the current 3:15hr time on this run tomorrow. 

I'll be doing it unsupported and using a Coros Apex to track!

I have a feeling others have done this run faster but not recorded so I'll be excited to see what else can be put down on this trail after I hopefully bump it a little quicker tomorrow?

I will post to strava and here as soon as I am back in reception after the run.

Going to give this a go over the long weekend if I have time,  unfortunately have never been on the trail before to scout it, but fun way to end a season of essentially no races!  Can’t wait to adventure around the Sleeping Giant!