FKT: Jon Enqvist - Roslagsleden (Sweden) - 2020-05-17

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1d 1h 14m 4s
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Race went really good except a couple of falls into the mudd and rocks and that I got lost quite a few times, especially during night. Had no real dips, but I pushed myself a bit too hard before Väddö, so the last couple of hours at Väddö was a struggle with tired legs.

There was some confusion at the end what actually was the goal - the Roslagleden information sign (which is the end according to or at Eckerölinjen. I first stopped watch at 25h 05m at the Roslagleden information sign but after a while I went to Eckerölinjen (after getting a bit lost again) and stopped the watch at 25h 14m.

Supported (except during 6 hours during night/morning) by my wife and five year daughter (Saturday and Sunday morning) and by Jonas Bergström (Saturday afternoon till night). Best crew ever!

Conditions: It had rained and snowed(!) during the week, so it was very muddy. Got caught in a local hail storm in Örsta, but otherwise I was very lucky with the weather, with crisp air and a temperatures of -1 to 10 degres Celsius.

Using Garmin with "UltraTrac" mode, making the garmin route report shorter than it actually is. Used "Navigation" instead of "Running" function to be able to follow route with watch, but was not super impressed by this function since it made the displayed tempo very volatile and unreliable.