Route: Roslagsleden (Sweden)

183.6 km

Sebastian Westberg submitted the route:

Roslagsleden (Roslags Trail) is a 190 km long hiking trail in Stockholm County, Sweden.

Roslagsleden is part of the European route E6 which goes from Kilpisjärvi in the north to Greece in the south. The trail is split up in 11 sections that range from 9 to 22 km each. There are several campsites and lodging is available throughout the trail. Roslagsleden starts in Danderyd and finishes in Grisslehamn, and also passes through the town of Norrtälje. Trees by the trail are marked with an orange color, so it is virtually impossible to get lost.

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Planning to run full Rosleden self-supported and with Mikael Hasselrot (team) starting on May 15 starting about 22:30 hrs from Grisslehamn.

Should be a good fun run - and possibly a new FKT unless the mud decides otherwise.

Mud - plus rain and hail - took us on for sure, but I managed to finish just around 28hrs. Mikael fighed his way to end as well, a few hrs later. Details to be sent in asap.