FKT: Jon Ziefle - Uwharrie Trail (NC) - 2020-05-24

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Total time
7h 4m 57s

I started at the Tot Hill trailhead in the Birkhead Mountains Wilderness at 6:31 AM, on May 24, 2020, running southbound. I ran in the unsupported style, bringing all of my water and nutrition with me: 1L of water, water filter, 14 gels, 3 Clif bars and a tube of Nuun tablets. I filtered all of the additional water I needed along the trail. The weather conditions weren't great (65 degree dew point, sunny, 65 degrees at start rising to 85 degrees at the finish), but "you get what you get". I proceeded to head south on the Birkhead Mountain Trail, taking a right on the Hannah's Creek Trail at mile 4.6. I hit the Robbin's Branch trailhead at mile 6.3. Here I exited the Birkhead Mountains Wilderness, running down the dirt access road to Lassiter Mill Rd which begins the road running portion (5.1 miles).

I took the first option for the unconnected section (since Walkers Creek trailhead isn't open yet) going from Robbins Branch trailhead to Luther Place trailhead: L on Lassiter Mill Rd, L on High Pine Church Rd, R on Pisgah Covered Bridge Rd, R on dirt road to Luther Place trailhead. I hit Luther Place at mile 12.5. Here begins the uninterrupted Uwharrie Trail to the finish at the Highway 24/27 trailhead. The trail crosses the road (with trailheads) in several places: Thayer Rd (mile 15.5), Flint Hill Rd (mile 18.8), Tower Rd (mile 20.8), Highway 109 (mile 26.9), and Dusty Level Rd (mile 29.8). I reached the 24/27 trailhead at 1:36 PM. Total distance was 38.75 miles and total time was 7:04:57.