FKT: Jon Ziefle - Uwharrie Trail (NC) - 2021-04-05

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6h 21m 51s
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I ran this FKT last year, but since then, the new Walkers Creek Trailhead opened up (thus relegating the Luther Creek Trailhead to "spur" status). And that means I had to run it again! I started at the Tot Hill trailhead in the Birkhead Mountains Wilderness at 7:21 AM, on April 5, 2021, running southbound. I ran in the unsupported style, bringing all of my water and nutrition with me: 1L of water, water filter, 14 gels, 3 Tailwind packets, and 1 Clif bar. I filtered all of the additional water I needed along the trail. The weather conditions were much better than last time (43 degrees at start rising to mid 70s at the finish). I proceeded to head south on the Birkhead Mountain Trail, taking a right on the Hannah's Creek Trail at mile 4.6. I hit the Robbins Branch trailhead at mile 6.3. Here I exited the Birkhead Mountains Wilderness, running down the dirt access road to Lassiter Mill Rd which begins the road running portion (3.4 miles).

For the unconnected section, I went from Robbins Branch trailhead to Walkers Creek trailhead: L on Lassiter Mill Rd, L on High Pine Church Rd, R on dirt road to Walkers Creek trailhead. I hit Walkers Creek at mile 10.3. Here begins the uninterrupted Uwharrie Trail to the finish at the Highway 24/27 trailhead. The trail crosses the road (with trailheads) in several places: Thayer Rd (mile 15.2), Flint Hill Rd (mile 18.3), Tower Rd (mile 20.4), Highway 109 (mile 26.5), and Dusty Level Rd (mile 29.3). I reached the 24/27 trailhead at 1:43 PM. Total distance was 38.08 miles and total time was 6:21:51, knocking over 40 min off of my previous time! There is still a ton of time to be taken off of this FKT time, especially for a supported runner.