FKT: Jonathan Thomas - Pacific Crest Trail through WA (WA) - 2020-09-20

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8d 18h 35m 0s
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Day 1: 63.7 miles to Rainy Pass

Day 2: 46.3 into Glacier Peak Wilderness and encountered heavy smoke from Downey Creek fire.

Day 3: 48.6 to exit Glacier Peak wilderness

Day 4: 50.25

Day 5: 51.55 to Snoqualmie Pass.

Day 6: 51.91 out of Snoqualamie,  mostly uphill with resupply this day

Day 7: 70.46 through White Pass where rain began and over Goat Rocks during rain mist after midnight. Used pocket knife as ice axe/ self-arrest tool for snow patch. Camped at 2am and woke up soaking wet from rain. Decided to push continuously to finish from here for day 8+.

Day 8/9: constant rain. 45 miles to final cache at Trout Lake. Stashed any gear I no longer needed in this cache and continued for last 84 miles before sunset. Hiked through the night  and was 50 from the finish around 5am. Took a short break to eat and gather myself before I began a strong push over the last 50 involving lots of uphill and downhill running. Made it to the bridge at sunset, legs completely wrecked.

Please visit my strava for more in depth data of my daily movement. 

Also, stay tuned to my Instagram for a full prep and recap video of this FKT.