FKT: Jordan Grande - Metacomet Trail (CT) - 2018-09-22

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14h 41m 28s
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On Saturday 9/22/18 I ran the Metacomet Blue Blaze trail self-supported in 14:41:28, Starting about 4:30AM and finishing about 7:15PM. I ran north to south, starting at the northern trailhead which is marked at the MA boarder CFPA sign just short of Rising Corner. The southern trailhead is not marked- I finished after crossing onto Rt 5/15 right across from Turnpike Liquors on the Berlin Turnpike, after coming all the way down Orchard Rd. (The last 1.5 miles is road.) Garmin Forerunner 35 showed distance as 60.14 miles, which includes just a few short missed turns. I have run this route twice before as part of the CUT and last weekend I ran about 50 miles of it, so I know the trail pretty well, although the last 5-10 miles of trail are not well marked. I ran completely solo- I had two drop bags- one at around mile 36 and one around mile 51, both at road crossings. I also refilled my water once from the Hublein Tower water fountain which is around Mile 20-21. I had beautiful weather, though humid, temperatures were between 60-75. It was pouring and dark when I started for about the first 2 hours so I was slower than I would have liked on the first section, which I consider more runnable generally. This route is rugged and tough, but rewarding. I consider the views to be among the best in the state. Any questions please contact me!