FKT: Joseph DeMoor - Castle Peak (CO) - 2020-07-24

Route variation
Castle up & down
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Total time
2h 26m 0s

I forgot my watch at home today, decided to track with my iPhone which didn't work very well, as seen by my strava verification. I pulled my phone out on the summit of Castle, checked the strava app, the stopwatch read 1:27:46, and then my phone died. As most people who own iPhones know, they aren't great in the cold and it was quite chilly up high today. I also was able to notice the time on my phone was 8:28 AM.

I descended the same route I ascended, the Northeast Ridge, and as I got back to the pavement at the lower trailhead, turned my phone back on and the time was 9:26 AM. I took a screenshot of a photo I snapped back down at the trailhead with the timestamp on it.

1:27:46 up + ~0:58:00 down= 2:26:00 RT time

I'm still getting used to using strava and running with a watch at all, will be back up Castle soon in drier conditions for another go.