FKT: Joseph DeMoor - Grays & Torreys (CO) - 2020-08-22

Route variation
Grays, Torreys & Edwards
Gender category
Finish date
Total time
3h 23m 28s

After running La Plata this morning, I had a bit more energy in the tank, stopped off at Bakerville for some more vert, before heading to Denver. 
I looked up some routes and was surprised to see the Torrey’s, Grays, Edwards variation didn’t have any FKT times. I’ve done the traverse to Edwards a few times now and wanted to give this one a go. 

Started and finished down at Bakerville. [Admin note:  We estimated Joe's RT time from the standard TH from Strava.]

I didn’t have a great game plan, faded hard after Edwards and ran into a guy who offered me a Clif Bar- I think I was looking pretty rough. I accepted the Clif bar hence a Self-supported categorization. Thanks Mike, I appreciated the pick me up. 

No doubt this route will go faster, plus it needs a women’s FKT!