Route: Grays & Torreys (CO)

Colorado, US
8 mi

Being close to Denver & I-70, with very easy access, and generally easy climbing, Grays & Torreys are among the most popular of Colorado's 14ers.  Several FKT options have been presented:

-Standard lollipop loop from Stevens Gulch TH at 11,200', following the main trail to summit both peaks and return.

-Lollipop from Stevens Gulch TH and ascending Torreys via the Class 3 Kelso Ridge, and then picking up the standard trail to Grays & back down.

-Ascent of Grays (only) from Bakerville / I-70 at 9800', which adds a bunch of running up a steep dirt road below the Stevens Gulch TH.

-Standard lollipop of both peaks but starting & ending at Bakerville / I-70.

-Out & back from Loveland Pass, including also the summit of Grizzly Peak (13,427').

-Grays, Torreys & Edwards includes 13850' Mt Edwards which is directly east of Grays.  Any route, car-to-car from the Stevens Gulch TH.

Editor's Note: Many Colorado 14ers should not be considered “backcountry” where you go anywhere you want; their popularity can create a plethora of braided social paths that lasts for decades in the fragile tundra.  So if there is a trail, please stay on it. Hundreds of volunteers with the Fourteeners Initiative work hard to protect our mountain environment.


Came up a little bit short today- 3:57 elapsed, I took the new trail that cuts the first/last climb on the way back because I knew I wasn’t going to beat the time, I think you’re able to take that trail both ways and can definitely cut the time down but no one else had yet on here so I didn’t really want to.