FKT: Joseph DeMoor, Seth James DeMoor - Grays & Torreys (CO) - 2020-05-30

Route variation
From Loveland Pass out & back
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
5h 6m 26s

Fun, relaxed day on Grays and Torreys from Loveland Pass. Steve-O joined us to Torrey's but didn't go for Grays otherwise he would also be included in this FKT.

I believe this was unsupported according to the guidelines: "If a person is accompanied or paced for any distance, it automatically becomes a Supported trip (accompanied = paced = Supported). Teams, however, can be Unsupported as long as they all travel and finish together."

It also would seem this is supported since we accompanied each other on this effort.

Regardless, fun day in the mountains, surprise FKT is a bonus. 

Admin note:  It is Supported because the DeMoors ran most of the way with another person, Steven Mark Seguin, so that makes it "paced".