FKT: Joseph Gray - Boulder Skyline Traverse (CO) - 2020-09-22

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2h 32m 40s

Started at the post right at the parking pay station and finished just past the picnic area just before the road after sanitas, so a lil longer than usual but made sure to tag the actual peaks and scarmbled to each of them (great advice from Sage pre run). The plan was to run up Sobo then join my teammate on Bear to show me the route from Bear to Flagstaff. He ended up letting me lead most of that and yelled from behind where to turn as it was my first run on the skyline. Once I got near Sanitas I was alone again to figure out the route from there up and over sanitas which was a lil frustrating but overall a great workout considering I hadn't planned to run that long. Thankful for my teammate Sage for showing some of the route and pointing me in the right direction for that middle part. Did not know boulder had such nice trails wow. Great weather day, cold for the start where I needed gloves and then warm from shadow canyon to the finish with beautiful views the entire ridge. Also thanks to the random hikers who pointed me in the right direction numerous times. We really don't do it alone! I love our run community!