FKT: Joseph Nuara - Paugussett Trail (CT) - 2019-04-27

Gender category
Route variation
end-to-end-to-end (out & back)
Finish date
Total time
5h 6m 3s

An out and back (E2E2E) on the Blue-blazed Paugussett trail in Shelton, CT starting from Buddington Rd trailhead. 

Got out early right after the rain stopped to go for this FKT. About 75% of the trail was sloppy mud and the normal stream/river crossings required walking through knee high water opposed to the normal "rock hop". Temp was great and everything was green on this springtime run. Distance was just a tad short of a marathon however the rolling hills made it seem much longer. Goal was 5hrs and if i attempt again (not likely) i'll try it self supported with a water drop at halfway and mid-trail. Ran out of water with 1hr to go and was getting a little wobbly towards the end. 

in summary: Super Wet, Very Technical, some great views, some absolute garbage. Typical New England run.