FKT: Josh Grant - Yosemite R2R2R (CA) - 2022-10-29

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5h 52m 39s

This went pretty well, it really is a great route.  The trail beyond the Yosemite Creek Bridge is hard to follow in the fall, it is just a series of big granite slabs up there so the direct line approach to the edge of Yosemite Point is all I tried for.  Yosemite Falls trail is never as fast as I think on the descent, not the typical California Carpet. After descending YFT I sidetracked to the Camp 4 bathroom to refill water, since I didn't filter at Yosemite Creek (it was cold up there).

October temps were nice and chilly so no heat issues, but I did get a solid 10 minute quad cramping session in on top of 4 mile trail for some reason.  Had to lay down and let them pass, but my quads were pretty much blown after that, super tender.  4 Mile trail is a gem, more runnable up and down than YFT, so it's a good test piece after burning yourself out on the other rim.  

Glacier Point is closed this year to redo the road up there, but generally during peak season there is a store and water fountains at the top if you're not trying for time.

Such a pretty route.