FKT: Josh Henrie - Mount Baker Grand Loop (WA) - 2021-08-22

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1d 12h 54m 27s

For my second attempt at I felt that starting from the Mosquito Lake road sign on Mount Baker Highway was a better starting point and suggest anyone else to start from here too. I had heavy rain the first night which can happen at anytime in the PNW. I survived it and made it up to the ski area where I took a nap and started at first light, since Swift Creek is known for animals and technical terrain I didn’t want to do it through the night. My run felt awesome, there was several trees down on the remote trails you take to cross the passes. About halfway my support crew and I realized my run was longer than what is up above on the standard route. It is actually 101 miles and the elevation is higher, a little bit above 11,000 feet of gain. My support crew was amazing driving by me during the night while I was getting drenched and we communicated well for next stops. You can do it with one crew but I suggest having a crew on each side of the mountains ( makes a lot of driving for one crew. There are water sources along the way on the trails, so if you have a filter you are set anywhere that is remote. I am more than willing to share any information to help any other runners for hopeful safe passage and set a faster time. My main goal was to establish this course which could be extremely fast with the right person. It was an amazing 36 hours and stoked to have finished it. 


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