Route: Mount Baker Grand Loop (WA)

Submitted by Josh Henrie on Thu, 07/15/2021 - 01:28pm
Washington, US
101 mi
Vertical Gain
11,200 ft

I worked on this route for awhile. I am making the first attempt on it August 6th and 7th in hopes to finish under 24 hours. I wanted an easy straight forward route that is established by road, service road or by single track trail. I believe this could be a classic and fast, for any FKT attempt or anyone else who wants to circumnavigate Mount Baker in a safer manner. This has two passes you cross around the 5,000 foot range. Beautiful views of the cascades from both sides of the mountain and remote trails that show just how rugged Mount Baker is. It has lots of creek crossing ranging in size and is better to do in August or September for safer crossings. Amazing views of the snow caped Mount Baker and Shuksan. Start and finish is from the Ridley Creek trailhead via middle fork road and recommended direction is clockwise.

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Hello! I’m Josh Henrie and to make the route as clear as possible. Start at Ridley Creek trail sign from middle fork parking lot. Run clock wise on middle fork to Mosquito lake road. Turn right onto Mosquito lake road and then turn right again onto Mount Baker highway. Run up to the gate at the corner to where the wild goose trail will take you up to the Lake Ann trail which will be a left turn after a steep hill. Cross the road and start the Lake Ann trail. Turn right onto Swift creek trail. You will cross Swift Creek at the bottom and head up to road 1144 take this gravel road, it will turn into 1130 and take you down to Baker Lake road, turn right when reaching Baker Lake road. You will run about 5 1/2 miles before turning right onto gravel road 12, take 12 all the way to gravel road 13 where you will head up to park Butte. Take the park Butte trailhead up to the pass and take the Mazama trail down the other side to Ridley Creek. Turn onto Ridley creek trail and finish is touching the Ridley Creek trail sign again. Hope this helps! Feel free to contact me with any questions. 

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good luck! following!!!! 

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I’m officially starting FKT attempt August 6th at 5pm. Starting at Ridley Creek Trailhead sign going clockwise I’m using a spot gen 4 tracker and will have the link posted soon. 

You can follow my tracking on my Facebook page Jh Coastal. My start time from Ridley Creek is 5pm and going clockwise around and back to Ridley Creek trailhead sign. Hoping for a good run and posting good news Saturday evening or Sunday morning!

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My attempt last weekend I had to stop due to heavy rain fall and rising creeks. I’m going to attempt another try on August 20th and 21st to establish the first FKT for this route. I will be starting from the Mount Baker highway and Mosquito lake road at the grocery store. I feel this will be a better starting location for the run and breaking up the road section a bit. Very excited to maybe get some descent weather. Hoping for the best!