FKT: Josh Nelson - Mt McLoughlin (OR) - 2013-07-07

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1h 2m 58s

Josh Nelson reported:

The Mail Tribune of Medford, OR posted this account of Erik Skaags FKT in 2012. 
"Shortly after returning from the John Muir Trail last week, crew leader Erik Skaggs put up his own FKT on a summit much closer to home: Mount McLoughlin. His time of 1 hour, 3 minutes, 41 seconds took more than minute off the old record. He's happy with his time, but he's taking it in stride."

I've been running this peak for a few years and this 7/7/13 achieved my PR of 1:02:58.  There are rumors of others summiting sub one hour, but I figured I'd get a board started with my own FKT.  The original plan was to attempt a car to car effort..this was halted by a rolled ankle on the way down.

Note that Strava shows Nelson's time as 1h3m21s, while he reports 1h2m58s.  Strava does put Nelson;s run on top of the Leaderboard for this segment.