FKT: Josh Sanders - Twin Valley Trail (OH) - 2019-07-23

Route variation
Standard route
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Finish date
Total time
4h 37m 32s

Trip report:

I usually go unsupported unless it's a 3+ day attempt or if it's the history of the route. Since the last 2 FKT's on this course have been self-supported, I left myself some coconut water at the first junction so that it would be self-supported. Absolute mud-fest in the southern parts. 

From Strava;

Also a record for muddiest trails I’ve ever run. It was crazy. Also a record for most spiderwebs in my face. For my third consecutive hard effort on rocky/rooty/sorta technical trails I’ve badly re-sprained my left ankle. Luckily there was only 2 miles to go when I destroyed it and I was able to limp and walk it off over the course of mile. Despite having a GPS, I still got off trail at one point and went an extra half mile. The FKT has been broken twice already this year but was still a bit soft. Beat it by 39 minutes and without the mud, extra half mile,and wrecking my ankle I should have gone under 4 hours. Good practice for Nolan’s. 50 miler Saturday (assuming ankle works and legs are good). Overall, the trail had some gnarly, beautiful and fun sections. I also definitely got poison ivy, bit by 1 million bugs And had to suffer the indecency of being in Ohio for several hours.