FKT: J.T. Hardy, David Stores - Katy Trail (MO) - 2018-04-01

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3d 18h 12m 3s
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David Stores and J.T. Hardy ran the Katy Trail on Wednesday, March 28, 2018 in 3d, 18h, 12m, 3s, They started at the most Western precipice located at the Clinton, Missouri Trail Head at 9:04 p.m. and end at the Eastern most precipice at the Machens Trail Head. 

Some people that witnessed the event at different locations at different times are: John Cash and Meghan McCarrick (ran on trail near Marthasville), Frank Evans (ran on trail near Treloar, Mike @ Casey's in Windsor, MO, Cindy Rieckhoff (witnessed the start), Hardy Family (witnessed the finish), and the great people at Coopers Landing when we stopped in for breakfast. 

We took a train from Washington, MO around 5 p.m. to Sedaila, MO on Wednesday, March 28th. We received a ride to the start in Clinton, MO from a St. Louis Ultrarunning Group member Cindy Rieckhoff. She witnessed the start and took some photos and 9:04 p.m.. We ran on the trail back to Sedalia where we stopped at a Casey's for some food. We stopped in Boonville for dinner at the Main St Diner next to the trail. We took short naps along the trail. Friday morning we ate breakfast at Coopers Landing. By the evening we were in Tebbetts where we slept for a couple of hours in a hostel. Through the night we napped on the trail, in a outhouse bathroom, and on a concrete driveway. On Saturday morning we ate breakfast in Rhineland, MO. We were greeted by and shared some trail time with a fellow runner (Frank Evans) near Treloar. Around 6 p.m. we stopped n Marthasville, MO for dinner at Philly's Pizza. When we ran to Augusta, fellow runners, John Cash and Meghan McCarrick, where running back to there vehicle and we got to speak with them about our journey. Saturday night/Sunday morning was extremely cold and we spent an hour or so catching a nap and escaping the cold in one of the trail outhouse bathrooms. We then journey through to the end in the most boring 11 mile stretch of flat and windy trail.

Admin note:  Stores & Hardy had SPOT tracking during the run.

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The Stores’ family also were witnesses to the run when the 2 runners came in to Marthasville (mile 89) on Saturday evening.  Many thanks to both of the runner families for their support and putting up with all the hassles that this dream entailed.

Note: Marthsville was at mile 189 not 89.