FKT: Julia Carroll - Uwharrie Trail (NC) - 2023-09-14

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Total time
11h 47m 40s

At 7:14 AM I started at the Tot Hill Farm Trailhead in the Birkhead Wilderness. This was an unsupported attempt so I started with 7 liters of water and a lot of snacks. I carried all of my trash to the finish. I only had 1 liter at the end and about half my food leftover. I took one 12 minute break all day at Eagle Nest Shelter and kept a consistent pace most of the day. 17:45 per mile. I saw 4 hikers all day in the same 1 mile stretch. I managed to finish at 7:01 PM beating the supported time by 4 minutes and 40 seconds. It's not much faster but I gave it everything I had until the end. I posted gaia/strava links. I did not start gaia until 4-5 minutes after I started because I totally forgot. My strava has all of the time stamped photos to confirm legitimacy. This was my first FKT.