FKT: Julie Brock - Gibraltar-Washpool World Heritage Walk (NSW, Australia) - 2022-02-13

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5h 53m 18s
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I started at Boundary Fall Picnic area and walked down to where the World Heritage Trail was and started running at 7.30am in an anti clockwise direction. It was straight uphill for the 1st 3km and then after crossing the Gwydir Hwy it flattened out a bit and was then undulating for the next 16km along grassy plains with Christmas bells and in parts the trail was along side a creek. There was a lot of wet slippery muddy sections where I had to be careful not to slip over (I was wearing shoes that had next to no tread on) I noticed a sign that went out to Dandahra Crags and they said it was only 300m so I thought I would have a look. It was more than 300m and the 1st 100m was okay then it was rock scrambling to the top but great views. I then continued on to Mugglins Hut Picnic area (about 19.5km) and refilled my water bottles then on my way again, Past the old hut and over the creek and then up hill again. After I crossed the Gwydri Hwy again then it was downhill for about 3km. Then ups and downs and through small creeks, till I got back to the start.