FKT: Julie Doll - Zion Crossing (UT) - 2023-06-25

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7h 35m 3s

What a day!

I had never been to Zion National Park so I thought what better way to see the park then run across it . Beautiful place, but probably better to run this route a month earlier.

Logistically was a little hard, the road was closed to lee pass and now with the shuttle system . So my partner and I walked to lee pass and thats where I started my watch.I started with 3 liters of water and all of my food to make it the first 22ish miles. I ran to Hop valley and saw my partner quickly to just top off on water (I didn't end up filtering any water due to toxic cyanobacteria in the water). Then would see him again at West Rim trailhead to take a quick stop to refill 3 liters of water , restock my food and got soaked in water to finish the remaining 14ish miles. It was very warm at this point but I was thankful for the wind that helped me stay cooler. West Rim Trail was pretty cool ,looking over into Zion National Park but was pretty hot with no shade. Then stated the descent into the park the last 4 miles , Finishing at Grotto Parking area. Where I would take the shuttle back to the visitor center.