FKT: Julien Cazorla - Godalming Round (United Kingdom) - 2023-02-05

Route variation
open course, single round
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
3h 58m 11s
GPS track(s)

Beautiful trails, woods and small hills. I'm grateful to those having created the route and uploaded it on the FKT website for visitors like me to experience what the Surrey Hills can offer. It was a great way to explore this area (I only knew the North Downs Way section, on the north end of the loop), and it made me want to come back to see more of it. I ran it drinking water from a 500mL soft flask (I had 2 flasks in my hydration vest but didn't use the 2nd one, the cooler weather this time of the year allowed using little water - though that weather also brought some mud along the way, you can't always win), and had one energy bar.

I went at a comfortable pace. There are likely faster times on this route from local runners, but my time being faster than what had been published on the FKT website to date, I'm uploading it along with some pictures taken along the way (not doing the route justice!).