Route: Godalming Round (United Kingdom)

Submitted by Sam Allwood on Thu, 02/04/2021 - 07:28am
United Kingdom
44 km
Vertical Gain
1,150 m

Stunning loop starting and finishing in Godalming taking in 12 local 'tops'. Highly recommended for a long day out.

This route has been created by the Waverley Harriers.

The route is not a set course. The Round is completed providing you get to all the summits and back to the Pepperpot in the High Street.

The tops are:

Cider House Path

Winkworth arboretum

Hydon’s Ball

Hascombe Hill

Hobb’s Curse



St. Martha’s (via the Drainpipe)

Pewley Down

The Mount



GPS Track


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Hi - thanks so much for Waverley Harriers for setting this up. It looks like a great route. I am going to give it a crack tomorrow if I can get up early enough! I don't suppose anyone will see this comment in time but when the route says 'Charterhouse', is there a recognisable 'hill' to run up or is it OK to just run by the school? No worries if no one sees this, I will follow the GPX. Tah. Mike

Hi Mike,

Apologies, I’m only getting to this 5months later, I guess you were hoping a little sooner ?

No there’s no recognisable ‘top’ for Charterhouse and the debate has been raging as to whether to include it at all. Congrats on the FKT! I’m sure (as I’m sure you can imagine) others have gone faster but too shy to post their times, so as it currently stands, you are the holder! 

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Might give this a crack today. No way I'm beating that time though Mike! Haha

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Giving this a crack tomorrow - am planning to start and end at Guildford rather than Godalming (would still get all 12 'tops' and looks to be pretty much the same distance and vert profile), hope it counts!

For reference, this is the GPX which I will be following - pretty much traced Ben and Leo's route turn-for-turn, save for an adjustment to start and end at Guildford station

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I plan to try this route on Tuesday 27th February 2024.