FKT: Julien Cazorla - River Brent - 2022-12-10

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2h 24m 42s
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It was a short walk from Brent Cross tube station to the start of the route on the northern end. I recognised it right away as it's on the Dollis Valley Greenwalk, another FKT route. The start of the route was pleasant, through the first section of the Brent River Park - there will be other sections later on with the same park name. I quickly reached the Brent Cross shopping mall and major road crossings and flyovers, which was far less pleasant. I was surprised to find it was easy to cross on foot however, using cycle lanes and catwalk. The next section was beautiful, in woods along the Brent Reservoir (aka Welsh Harp). This was followed by suburban streets and a major diversion to cross a railway (where the Brent goes underground), by the Wembley Stadium. Another section of the Brent River Park and more major road crossings later, the route finally reached its best part in the Ealing area, going through grassland, golf courses, and in places closely following the river. The Brent eventually merges with the Grand Union Canal, of which the route follows the towpath, all the way to Brentford. The final section follows a narrow path and ends in a private estate, where the Brent meets the Thames. It was another short walk away from the Brenford rail station. 

I didn't need to eat or drink during the run, given the distance was relatively short and the day was too cold to break a sweat, and went solo. It was interesting to see how the same river can change over such a short distance however - industrial (and not too clean) and tamed in parts or with a natural feel with wildlife in others.