FKT: Justin James-Long - Three Sisters (OR) - 2019-08-23

Route variation
One way
Gender category
Finish date
Total time
6h 30m 20s

3 Sisters Traverse! Summiting all 3 Sisters from Cascade lakes Hwy>South S.>Middle S.>North S.>Pole Creek Th!!!

Started off conservatively, had my 42oz Hydro pack & conserved it thru all 3 Mountains with gels & fig bars then started gettin some twitches even with taking a cpl S-Caps but seemed to be fine but still stopped near the end of Hayden Glacier to fill up with a Katadyn filter and chugged that all the way back, I needed those fluids. Had a couple spots where it was more time consuming with routes but Overall I’m very happy with my time. Crushed my old PR back in 2015 by 3hrs 48mins!! ? I’m so Thankful for my Lovely soon to be Wifey Lizzie* who was there for me at Pole Creek TH. Thank U for the support Hunny?❤️?