Route: Three Sisters (OR)

Oregon, US
18.7 mi
Vertical Gain
9,400 ft

Summit all 3 Sisters (South, Middle, & North), traversing from TH to TH (Cascade Hwy - Pole Creek, either direction).


Spot on Justin! Way to go!

Thx bud!  It’s funny cuz this was a training run for the 5 Peaks Traverse, so I’m hoping to drop this time to a sub 6hr.. 🏔🏃🏻💨🏔🏔  

Well, unfortunately I can't submit anything official to verify my attempt, since when I arrived at Pole Creek, I went to stop my Strava track, and it had apparently stopped immediately after I started it at Devil's Lake trailhead. For what it's worth, I gave the route an attempt this morning starting at Devil's Lake and ending at Pole Creek, and I did it in 6:07:10. I started at 8:16:30 AM and finished at 2:23:40 PM. My splits were South Sister Summit in 1:42, Middle Sister in 3:22, North Sister right at 4:30. After starting down the south ridge of North Sister, I cut down the face, surfing some scree to meet up with the climber's trail below. I hit Camp Lake Trail at 5:27 and mustered up the best run I could to make it to the trailhead at just over 6 hours and 7 minutes. That was a full out effort for me, so I'm really happy with how things went. I remember reading about Mitch Thompson setting the record a while back, and it piqued my interest, as I felt it was within my abilities if things went well. Justin, seeing you bring the record down last summer really got me fired up to give it an attempt, especially before someone else set the bar well outside of my range haha. I agree that sub-6 is totally doable, as I was pretty fried from a really fast time (for me) up South, so I really don't feel like I hiked up Middle and North very quickly. I know there are people out there who could likely set the bar quite a bit lower, you included! The fact that you followed this up with the 5-peaks traverse the following week is nuts. That is certainly not something I'm aching to do at the moment. Maybe, I'll repeat this at some point and successfully record it, but I figured I'd at least share what I did. Thanks for the inspiration and motivation to take a crack at it! 


Hey Sam, if U didn’t record it on GPS then it doesn’t exist & it didn’t happen.  This isn’t the first time someone has claimed they beat my old time. Lol.. get it Legit & record it on Strava/Gps k. :) Have a good day! 

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Noamchom.. It’s just funny when ppl claim things that aren’t true.... 

If someone is that sure of themselves then they would go & do it again & make sure it’s recorded/Legit... All these ppl that claim this & that.. it really gets old! Where’s the proof right”!??   Now I know some guys who are planning to earn the Fkt & they are totally Legit ! I’m excited to see what time they get. 

Well fair enough. I'll gladly do it again once the forest opens back up. I'll come prepared with a less shitty phone.

Sounds good Man! :)  Sorry for the hostility but I’ve had ppl left & right sending me messages claiming they did these fkt times but oh hey by the way Justin it’s not I’m very skeptical of these types of ppl who do this & I need proof to believe them.  I have no doubt that someone will drop this time That’ll be awesome!  The last window this year is this week because the snow is coming!!  I hope U or whoever has an amazing adventure attempting this.. be careful stay safe! 👊🏻 Don’t forget to bring an emergency radio beacon. 

Three Sisters Wilderness requires a permit now to summit any of these legally.. So Don’t forget to purchase/Reserve your permit before attempting any of these mountains & be sure to show a picture of the permit so there’s proof U climbed legally otherwise the Fkt won’t count. Register an emergency radio beacon!🚨 Good luck out there, Be Safe & Smart & have fun!