FKT: Justin Kousky - Escarpment Trail (NY) - 2020-10-03

Route variation
out & back
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
10h 19m 43s

double escarpment starting and finishing on the north side.  it was a great day to be on the trails - although plenty of other people had the same idea, especially in the southern miles - so it was a bit hectic passing folks and trying to maintain good social distance.  peak foliage and mostly sunny weather made for great views and pictures.  it had rained the prior day so there were some spots with wet leaves or rocks but overall conditions were pretty good for this time of year.  there were a few sprinkles in the afternoon but nothing serious.

ran unsupported, started with 2L of tailwind.  north half of trail was bone dry, south half had plenty of water sources along the way but i only stopped once to grab another liter.  on the way back i ran past the last water source without realizing it and had to run the last 13 or so miles dry - that was not good for morale or optimal performance... need to eat and drink more next time.

note on gpx: watch gps was pretty glitched in a few spots, i've included that for reference but it's pretty noisy.  also included phone location gpx file which is much cleaner (with less metadata).  strava link has the phone location gpx.