Route: Escarpment Trail (NY)

New York, US
22.5 mi
Vertical Gain
5800 ft

The Escarpment Trail is a 23.2 mile long trail along the Catskill Escarpment in upstate New York. The trail begins at Schutt Road just outside the Border Kaaterskill North-South Lake Campground (Haines Falls, NY) gate. From there it goes north to Route 23, climbing over Stoppel Point, Blackhead and Windham High Peak along the way. The Escarpment Trail race uses the northernmost 18.6 miles of the trail.

Here's a Strava track of the route:

We have few reports of FKTs for the entire Escarpment Trail, though of course some fast times have been run in the race, which covers 18.6 of it's 22.3 miles. There is also an FKT for the Double Escarpment (out & back).

GPS Track


Friday July 3rd, I will attempt an unsupported out & back thru run on the Escarpment trail.