FKT: Justin Kousky - Mattatuck Trail (CT) - 2020-07-04

Route variation
Full trail (w/ road link), 45 miles
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
9h 2m 58s
GPS track(s)

ran unsupported, started with 2L of tailwind and filled up along the way.  it's rained recently here and so plenty of water sources - also tried my best to soak a few times in the streams to try to cool down.  weather was tolerable given it's high summer - temps in the mid 60s and humid to start, got up to mid 80s on the road stretches and sunny spots, probably stayed in the high 70s on most of the shady trails.

this course has a lot of road and flat doubletrack miles in the middle section - not my cup of tea and i really overheated on those sections.  slowed to a crawl in the early afternoon heat in the area before and after the leatherman's cave.  the section around that had lots of ups and downs and nice views - definitely my favorite part, only wish it was 40 degrees cooler!

note on gpx - use tom's tracks, i got lost a couple times due to poor navigational skills.  many thanks to tom for trailblazing this and laying down a nice clean track and sharing it!