Route: Mattatuck Trail (CT)

Connecticut, US
27.2 mi

The Mattatuck Trail is a part of the Connecticut blue-blazed trail system and is broken into 2 main sections, the Southern section(26mi) & Northern section(14.5), separated by a ~6mi road connection. Connecting the two trails would be about 46.5 miles.

The southern section (shown on map) begins in Wolcott, CT at Peterson Memorial Park & runs north-west following the blue-blazed trail markers all the way to Bissell Rd in Litchfield, CT. The trails is mostly single-track rolling hills with a few short road sections and depending on the water levels 2 small streams/rivers to cross. There are several waterfalls along the route (best is Buttermilk Falls 4.5mi in). The final 3 miles turn into twisty horse trails that give the opportunity to open up the pace a bit if you have the legs for it.

The trail resumes in Warren in the Wyantenock State Forest. It quickly enters City of Waterbury Shepaug Reservoir land and Warren Land Trust open space property. The trail traverses rugged terrain featuring mountain laurel, seasonal views of the reservoirs to the east, streams and marshes, and deep woodlands. The northernmost section of the Mattatuck Trail travels through the Mohawk State Forest in Cornwall, one of the most scenic woodland areas in Connecticut. Meandering beside streams and through rock walls, the trail climbs Mohawk Mountain and offers outstanding panoramic views of western Connecticut and the hills of New York. The Mattatuck’s northern terminus is at its junction with the blue-blazed Mohawk Trail.


Going to give the southern section an attempt this weekend. How are the trails? I think I'm going to do it in the southern direction.