FKT: Justin Kousky - Quinnipiac Trail (CT) - 2020-04-25

Gender category
Route variation
Double Old Q
Finish date
Total time
7h 50m 24s
GPS track(s)

ran unsupported, started with 3L of tailwind and refilled on the way back with another 2L or so from a stream. lots of folks out on the trails today and conditions were a little wet in spots so i took it easy on the technical parts - and still managed to fall 2x! got a bit lost near the sleeping giant headwall - i wanted to do the extra knob on the trails instead of just running on mt carmel road - instead i missed it, then went backwards in that spot, stopped a bit before the road, went back the other way, then went too far on the road. i recommend folks study that part of the course carefully, it is pretty confusing (although a bit easier if you are running in the southeast to northwest direction). and if anyone who uses my gpx file beware. all that said i recommend future runners stay on the blue trail there and not the road (there is enough mandatory road running on this course already and it only adds a few minutes).