FKT: Justin Kousky - Quinnipiac Trail (CT) - 2021-01-18

Route variation
Double New Q
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
7h 23m 46s

ran on the new quinnipiac trail route, which is a nice improvement - trail is a bit longer now, and trades a road section at the end for some runnable single/double track.  conditions were fine given the time of year - mid 30s, a bit of a breeze, mixed sun and clouds with a couple flurries in the pm.  trail was a bit muddy and wet in spots - didn't really slow me down except for the sleeping giant section - and if i'm being honest i was probably looking for an excuse to take it slower in that section anyway!

ran unsupported, starting with 1L of tailwind - plenty of spots to refill given the recent rains.

tried to keep the pace even, had to push a bit harder on the last 10 miles to make that happen

out: 3:39:14 (net downhill 350')

back: 3:44:32 (net uphill 350')

total: 7:23:46