FKT: Justin Kousky - Suffern-Bear Mountain - Ramapo-Dunderberg Ribbon (NY) - 2021-09-12

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11h 55m 35s
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this looked like a fun course and was in my distance/vertical target for the weekend, so i gave it a shot despite the weather (a bit too hot, sunny, and humid).  having done the SBM trail before and parts of the RD trail i knew i was in for a good challenge and i wasn't disappointed!  lots of great views, plenty of wildlife, a bit of rock scrambling here and there.

ran unsupported - plenty of water still on the trail, fueled with tailwind, granola bars, and some candy bars.

note on closing the ribbon: it is possible to run or maybe even bike from the endpoints, but i do not recommend it.  it's about 6.5 miles and the first few miles and last few miles are fine, but the middle 2-3 miles are on a busy highway with limited shoulders - it just isn't safe, and also no fun.  it might be possible to close the loop with some trails (but that would probably be 10+ miles).  better to just get picked up / dropped off or call an uber.

note on gpx: strava link is from my watch, which tracked fairly well as has an accurate time.  watch was inadvertently paused for about 10 minutes around mile 19 which cut some distance.  also submitting the tracks from my phone which seem more accurate and cover that gap.