FKT: Justin Tracey - Yorkshire Three Peaks (United Kingdom) - 2022-05-25

Route variation
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Start date
Finish date
Total time
21h 42m 45s


I ran the route solo carrying standard 'Ultra Running Mantory Kit' for overnight events.

I did not have any pacers/bag Carrying people.

On the route itsself i carried my own food bags/water and had also my car parked in a campsite in Hutton-on the-Ribble with more food and change of kit if needed.

later on the second round, i got coffee/food at round crossing from freinds at ribblehead and at the farm/Snack bar near to end of the Wernside.

I started the challenge of the triple Yorkshire Three Peaks on Tusday night at 11pm chosing to get the night-time round done first. The weather was really bad, with consistant rain from 1:30 am and 30mph winds and bad visiblty. Progess in the night was difficult, with me chossing to go 'Slow and Safe' based on the risk of a slip/fall. These conditions contined for around 10 hours into mid/late morning and at this point was was ringing wet to the skin. The wind increased mid moring to 40mph gusts but the rain eassed a lot, it became dryer and allowed some nice views of the surround countyside.  This 75 mile Triple round ot the Y3P'S given the weather and climbing involved, proved to be a fanastic but tough challenge and im sure given better conditions i could shave a good hour or so off the time. Anyone attemping it in the near future! enjoy!