FKT: K. Mac Guthrie, Will "Sisyphus" Peterson - Wild River Loop (NH) - 2021-07-18

Route variation
Short Loop
Gender category
Mixed-gender team
Start date
Finish date
Total time
10h 10m 2s

Slippery and wet, but still a good time! Will and I started off with successfully crossing the Wild river and keeping our shoes dry- which was actually a very pointless effort, considering the lakes of water and mud that constituted the "trail" at some points, and the fact that it poured for most of the day. With these conditions many slips and slides occurred, with varying degrees of gracefulness and hilarity. We saw way more people in the trail than we expected, but after we hit Carter Dome and turned onto the less traveled trails, we only saw one other group. An unfortunately low PPM (Pups Per Mile) of 0.0674. I subsisted off banana bread and Tailwind, and Will ate chocolate covered almonds all day. Made it back to the car and no one's feet were destroyed, so all in all a great day out!