FKT: Kaci Lickteig - Wabash Trace Nature Trail (IA) - 2020-09-19

Route variation
out & back
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
20h 6m 2s

I started my run 8:44 am. It was a perfect day with the lows in the 50s and the highs in the low 70s w/ a variant wind from N switching to ESE to SE only 5-10 mph. I decided to attempt this FKT since all of my 100 mile races had been cancelled and I wanted to challenge myself in a way I haven't done before. I had previously done the FKT in both directions, so I thought this would be the perfect Trifecta to make this year memorable. I has a support crew, Miguel Ordorica, who had set aid stations varying from 3-6 miles along the trail. He tirelessly took care of me while I was on my journey. I was in a very positive mood throughout the first half. Then demons started creeping in my head saying telling me that I could stop at 63 miles in Blanchard since I reset my previous female FKT. I was sore and I still had a very long ways to go. Miguel decided to not even go to Blanchard and to park about a mile up the trail from it and run with me to Blanchard and back so I couldn't stop. During out return from making the turn around I had a blister pop on my right big toe. The searing stabbing pain was really eating at me and making those demons in my head louder..."Kaci stop at the've ran enough". I didn't want to let those who I've told I was doing the FKT down or myself. So I stopped put a bandaid on the blister and carried on. My mantra was "A little bit of pain for a lifetime of happiness". I had two more friends joining in at around mile 69 (the town of Coin). I saw Miguel coming down the trial and I thought as I was approaching Coin..."Oh so maybe Antonio and Kevin didn't come. I can just tell Miguel I will call it a day at 70 miles and we can go home." Then he said they were there waiting and excited to start helping me. So I knew I couldn't let them down. They had driven all this way and I was not about to let my demons and all the pain in my body stop me. Antonio joined me and we chatted a lot to help the miles go by. We got to watch the beautiful sunset in the distance. The sun was illuminated by the smoke in the air making it go from a light pink, to orange, to a brilliant red. We continued on the trial and him and Kevin swapped out pacing me and crewing me while Miguel drove back to let my dogs out to go potty and feed them. I then started closing in on 100 miles and I ended up setting my PR for that distance in 15:12 (previous best was 15:32). Then the wheels feel off...I had a sharp stabbing pain hit the back of my right knee from my hamstring. I couldn't run. So I walked and Miguel had come back and joined me. I let it subside as much as I could and then got a moment where I decided I had 27 miles to go...I just have to take it mile by mile and focus on getting to the finish. Finally I started to run again and that pain became lessened from all the other aches and pains I was feeling. So I figured I won't stop unless I can't move forward anymore. And after that walk break I ended up running the rest of the way back and finished the last mile with Kevin and Antonio coming out to meet Miguel and I. It was wonderful to have shared that moment with them. I wouldn't have been able to accomplish this goal without them and I am forever grateful. What a day!!