Route: Wabash Trace Nature Trail (IA)

Iowa, US
63.3 mi

Wabash Trace Nature Trail is mostly crushed limestone rails-to-trails through southwestern Iowa, running from Council Bluffs on the Nebraska border to Blanchard, Iowa on the Missouri border, approximately 63 miles.

GPS Track


I will be making a second attempt to establish the self-supported FKT of this route on July 17, 2018.

Yes.  I completed it self-supported July 17/18, 2018 in 22 hours 16 minutes.  I never wrote a report or submitted it as I was unhappy with my time and planned to do it again with a better time.  Life got in the way and I haven’t done it again (yet).

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Hello - I'll be attempting to run the length of the Wabash Trail tomorrow; looking forward to exploring a piece of Iowa!

Tracker map:

For this route does the direction matter?  Do you have to start in council bluffs or is it ok to finish there?

I certainly wouldn't say it matters. It might be vaguely easier to go southbound; that makes it so the only real incline is early on. 

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Hello all! 

Taylor King and I will be running the trail this morning, April 10th, 2020, making an attempt at the overall FKT and setting the self-supported FKT as well. Still figuring out live tracking but I will link in the comments once we do! Excited to spend the day out there!

On Saturday 4/25/2020 Chuck Smith and I (Kaci Lickteig) are going to attempt to accomplish the supported FKT Wabash Trace Nature Trail. I will be using Spot tracker and Strava for GPS coordinates and live tracking. I will follow up again with the link for tracking! I've been wanting to do this for many years and now without races it's going to happen! Cheers!!

I'm hoping to hang with the Pixie Ninja the best that I can.  But I couldn't pass up the chance to run the full length of this trail I've been using for nearly 30 years, including my first 20 miler back in 1997.  I remember it like it was yesterday.

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Tomorrow 5/8/2020 I (Graig Skartvedt) am looking to trek the Wabash Trace Nature Trail and attempt to set a new Unsupported FKT in the process.  I will be trying to use Strava Beacon and my watch GPS. Link to follow.

I, Kallin Khan, will be attempting both the supported and unsupported FKTs tomorrow morning, May 10th 2020 at around 6am. 

I won't have live tracking, but my result will be on my strava and I'll post it here if I get the FKT.

I, Cory Logsdon, am planning on attempting the supported FKT of the Wabash Trail on Saturday, June 6, 2020 at 6 a.m. starting at the trail head in Council Bluffs, IA. I will be using my Strava Beacon and will upload the link Saturday morning.

Recap - Strava tracking link had discounted approximately 50 miles into the run. Official completed time was 10:45:20. Conditions were very difficult with very warm temperatures.

Planning to attempt the Wabash Out and Back FKT (supported) starting Sept 18, 2020. I'm doing this to complete the FKT trifecta! And since my other 100 mile race was cancelled that was supposed to be this weekend (Kettle Moraine 100). Here goes something! Longest distance I will have ever attempted. 

Awesome!  Can't wait to hear about it.  And I'm glad I ran it before you fell in love with this route  :)

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Planning to attempt the Wabash FKT male (unsupported) starting October 10, 2020. Will be tracking with Strava Beacon and a Garmin watch. Link to follow. My 100 mile race (Kettle Moraine 100) was postponed and then cancelled. Time to Chase the Lion! 

I will be attempting the Self-Supported FKT on 11/7 going S to N, and will post Strava Beacon link here the morning of.

Giving this a 2nd try on 11/11/21. Will be going from N to S and will travel in a self-supported manner. Will post Strava Beacon link here around 0600.