FKT: Kaitlyn Morgan - Syncline Loop (UT) - 2018-10-27

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Standard route
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Total time
2h 8m 42s

I left at 8:55 from the trailhead and returned at aprox 11:04. We didn’t stop through tour the loop. This was an impromptu trip saw that there were no results for this route. It’s small but fairly stout and crazy fun! 

B and I made a trip to Moab,last time we went out and did this loop I was 3rd on the the loop it’s haunted me a bit... I know for less than 14 days back moving wasn’t an ideal attempt but it was sooo worth the experience. Nabbed it by about 2 min I think with more fitness and a bit more downhill confidence it would have been however this was a great way to build the mental bank that I haven’t lost all fitness ☺️??