Route: Syncline Loop (UT)

Utah, US
8.4 mi

Kaitlyn Morgan described the route, which has a Strava segment:

The Syncline Loop follows the outer perimeter of canyons surrounding the Upheaval Dome in Canyonlands National Park. There are steep switchbacks, sandy washes, climbs through boulder fields as well sections following cairns marking the trail. Leaving the parking lot the trail splits after about 35-40ft and you want to take the loop ccw as to avoid severe sun exposure as well as climb up the boulder field as opposed to traversing down. The trail begins a steep descent after about a half mile or so of rolling terrain and drops you down in the canyon over 1,000 ft within the second mile. Following a fun rolling and winding sandy wash you’ll find a split at about the half way with a marker to follow to the Syncline Loop on the right or the left through Upheaval Canyon. Go right. Another split occurs after your first climb in the canyon stay left, the right will take you into the Upheaval Dome. From there you begin your traverse through the boulder fields on up out of the canyon. Follow the cairns and the few trail markers. This trail is fairly easy to spot however keep your eyes open for when it crosses the wash or changes directions, the cairns are your only defining marker. After the boulder field you are in for some steady climbing, as soon as you can hear the hum of the road from the park you know you are home free. 

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I will be making an attempt in the ccw direction, female unsupported, on either March 16th, or March 18th 2019.  

Great work out there! That route is not easy for a first go around watching the carins in the wash!