FKT: Karl Egloff - Aconcagua (Argentina) - 2015-02-19

Route variation
Horcones Trailhead to summit & back
Gender category
Finish date
Total time
11h 52m 0s

Less than 2 months after Jornet's FKT (Feb. 19, 2015) Ecuadoran-Swiss mountain runner Karl Egloff bested Jornet's mark for the same route by 57 minutes, doing the round-trip in 11h52m. He reported the ascent time (from the road) at 7h55m and the total round-trip distance at 68km. An in depth interview with Egloff is on Ian Corless' "Talk Ultra" podcast (the interview begins around 28 min. into the podcast), and includes discussion of Egloff's background, his Cotopaxi and Kilimanjaro FKTs, training, and verification (Egloff indicates that the run was timed by National Park officials, and that he has a gps track of the run).

"It's a beautiful sport, speed climbing, but you gotta have a lot of experience to do it." - Karl Egloff