Athlete: Karl Egloff



Fastest Known Times the athlete has set; possibly historical. Check out each route to see its current FKT.

Route Route Variation Style Time Date
Cotopaxi (Ecuador) Round Trip (Refugio - Summit - Refugio) Unsupported 1h 36m 56s
Denali (AK) ascent from base camp Supported 7h 40m 0s
Denali (AK) up & back from Base Camp Supported 11h 44m 0s
Iliniza Norte Round Trip from El Chaupi Supported 4h 38m 37s
Iliniza Norte Ascent from La Virgen Unsupported 1h 59m 51s
Rucu Pichincha (Ecuador) Ascent via Teleferiqo Trail Unsupported 1h 41m 0s
Nevado de Colima (Mexico) up & down Supported 3h 40m 1s
Mt Elbrus (Russia) up & back from Azau Valley Supported 4h 20m 0s
Aconcagua (Argentina) Horcones Trailhead to summit & back Supported 11h 52m 0s
Kilimanjaro (Tanzania) round trip (any route) Supported 6h 42m 24s
Kilimanjaro (Tanzania) ascent (any route) Supported 4h 56m 0s
Cotopaxi (Ecuador) Round Trip (Refugio - Summit - Refugio) Supported 1h 37m 0s
Cotopaxi (Ecuador) Ascent (Refugio - Summit) Supported 1h 15m 0s