FKT: Karl Egloff - Nevado de Colima (Mexico) - 2017-11-26

Route Variation
up & down
Finish Date
Time (duration)
3h 40m 1s

In an organized race: "...organizers of FKT Nevado de Colima 2017, brought together the best runners in Mexico, as well as some international ones, giving rise to one of the most striking and special national mountain running races. In search of the fastest climb to the Nevado de Colima, the participants faced a 29K race with 2,600 meters of altitude and 4220 meters above sea level. The Ecuadorian Karl Egloff, guest of honor, not only took the first place but, in addition, managed to surpass the record imposed a year ago by Álvaro Reyes of 4h34m, in a time of 3h40m." (translated from Spanish by Google. )