FKT: Kate Gelineau - Paugussett Trail (CT) - 2020-05-03

Route variation
end-to-end-to-end (out & back)
Gender category
Finish date
Total time
6h 37m 50s

Photos on Strava.

Note that Kate's one-way time was about 2h58m30s (from Strava), which appears to be a one-way FKT as well.

Today started out the perfect day. Cool, overcast, no people and muddy. I immediately thought my time was going to suffer from the mud. Yet I managed to take 20 minutes off the NB route. Coming back was a very different story. The sun started shining, it got hot, and there were people and dogs everywhere. Oh right, and mud. Almost lost my shoe a few times. But the heat and the people slowed me down quite a bit on the return. Still managed to take 7 mins off my previous attempt, but had hoped to do more. Maybe I'll try again on a weekday.