FKT: Kate Hale - Longs Peak (CO) - 2020-07-10

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car-to-car, any route
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2h 42m 33s
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Lovely outing! I have certainly gotten faster. Was not sure how much of an effort I was going to put forth, but felt pretty great from the start. I did not hit my usual line between Goblin's and Jim's Grove too well on the way up, but no major delays. Mostly pleased with how I felt cresting the Boulderfield and heading up Cables. Altitude and Cables felt so smooth - and so, so fun. Quick stop at the top (pic taken around noon - ~1:47 ascent, huge PR!) and then as quickly as I could without slamming an ankle on the way down. I feel confident that Jim's Grove will definitely be the end of an ankle for me some day - ha! I have greatly enjoyed getting to know this playground and occasionally testing my body up and around Longs over the past few years. Excited to see what a 100% effort may look like for me and the rest of the Longs Peak enthusiasts later this summer! Thanks for all that you do and helping track this journey, FKT - I try to donate whenever I submit.  Cheers -- KH


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 NICE WORK!!!  I am stoked for you and to see others dwindling down the time.  I started filling out a FKT thing but realize it really doesn't matter... I am no longer in the running and this comment is perhaps me feeling sad about that.  I have been seeing some recent action on Longs and realized that besides a few random Strava bleeps or journal entries and friend sharing, my FKT's never made it out there.  I mostly used my trusty Ironman Timex and often had climbing goals so the round trip times never quite dwindled as I was too busy tinkering on the Diamond or elsewhere after running up.  

I was a ranger on Longs Peak for 5 seasons and still am an Estes Park local

My PR up the North Face via short cuts is 1:37:?? late August of 2016.  North Face was a bit icy.  Under 1:30 felt very possible.  GO GET IT!!!!

PR down North Face is 51 minutes July 2017 

RT best was 2012 at 2:46:??

-- Q