FKT: Kate Lukacs - Pacific Crest Trail - Hwy 80 to 49 (CA) - 2018-08-31

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8h 30m 0s
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This was my longest run leading up to the Cuyamaca 100k. I left early in the morning from Grass Valley, CA and drove the hour ish to the snow park parking lot on the south side of I-80. I didn't realize there was an FKT from I 80 to 49, so I started my watch at the car and ran about a mile or so to the underpass, strava says this was about 10 minutes. 

The weather was great and I enjoyed getting on new trails and moving through the high country! I was self supported, bringing all of my nutrition and a steripen for getting water out of the creeks/spring. There was definitely a 10-14 mile dry spell starting a couple hours in that I knew of and made sure to fill up at the last creek before that. At the end there was plenty of water in the creeks, so much that I took a dip :).

I remember being pretty excited when I got a close up view of the Sierra Buttes (you can see them early on in the run, but they are far away and you basically end at their base)! After completing the trail at around 8 hr 39 minutes (total time from car), I spent a couple minutes checking my phone to find out where Ben was... after figuring out he was still far away (due to working all day) I ran into Sierra city to get a gatorade and snack, which is where I stopped my watch.

This would put me at around 8 hr 30 minutes from I-80 to 49, without the added mile in the beginning and road miles at the end.