Route: Pacific Crest Trail - Hwy 80 to 49 (CA)

Submitted by Holly Ryerson on Fri, 07/24/2020 - 01:50pm
California, US
37.2 mi
Vertical Gain
5,111 m

Northbound on the Pacific Crest Trail from Hwy 80 to Hwy 49 in California, PCT CA Section L.This is a point-to-point run. This section runs approximately 37 miles (although some have registered 40 miles), with approximately 5111 ft of vertical ascent, and approximately 7000 ft descent. Start at the PCT trail head on the south side of Interstate 80 in Soda Springs, CA, near Boreal Ski Resort. Cross through the tunnel underneath I-80 and embark on a scenic route that climbs through two mountain passes; Euer Saddle elevation 7250ft, and Castle Pass elevation 7913ft. Enjoy lovely vistas, red fir, white fir, lodge pole pine and mixed conifer. 48% of this run is at 7000-8000 ft. The last 8 miles or so are downhill. Travelers will endure a 15 mile stretch with no water source, so a personal water filtration system is required.This section ends where PCT hits Highway 49 in Sierra City, CA. Happy trails to you!

Best time to use this trail is July to October.

Identified Water Sources:

  • Mile 7 - North Creek (from Paradise Lake)
  • Mile 10 - White Rock Creek (from White Rock Lake) LAST STOP FOR 15 MILES!!!!
  • Mile 25 - Pass Creek (Jackson Meadows Resevoir)
  • There should be plentiful opportunities for water after Mile 25, if needed.