FKT: Kate Lukacs - South Yuba River National Recreation Trail (CA) - 2021-04-17

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4h 25m 54s

Such a beautiful day to do the South Yuba trail from Washington to Purdon's Crossing! Ben dropped me off in Washington at around 9:15am. It was a little warm already, and I was seriously regretting only bringing a long sleeved shirt and long tights. I didn't feel great in the beginning, my heart rate was higher than it should have been for the effort. 

I made the mistake of going UP missouri bar trail, but realized it before I'd made it too far. My unplanned detour added about a mile and some vert. Back on the trail where I'd made the wrong turn and through the slowest section of trail. It was apparent that a lot of trail work had been done as compared to the people who ran it last year, but the roughest section was easily between Missouri Bar and Humbug trails.

I made it to my favorite swimming hole for my first dip of the year! Water was pretty cold but refreshing. I ran down the road section being pretty happy I wasn't going up it this time! (I did the trail in the reverse direction a couple of years ago, which was definitely more challenging with about 5k in total vert) Once I set foot on the single track at Edward's crossing I was back on my home trails. I saw my time and decided to push for the last bit. 

Definitely a lot of poison oak out there! Which is one of the reasons I wore long tights. 

Overall it was a great day!