FKT: Kate Olson - Circunvalar de San Andrés - 2024-06-05

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Total time
3h 5m 59s
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Trained in the midday heat all week to prep for the inevitable harsh sun and tropical heat/humidity this would include. I had luck with some cloud cover the first few miles and then it delivered the punch in the face that I figured it would. 80s feels like 90s with the humidity means I had to really pace well. I started very relaxed and managed to speed up towards the end (apart from a Mile where I needed to stand in the shade for a minute).

I had the west and south coasts entirely alone apart from a few cyclists. There was a little breeze on the east coast and pockets of shade. It got busy (rush hour and people walking) on the northeast/north sides and had to use the uneven sidewalks more than I wanted. The air was still on the west coast for the last 10k and it felt like an oven with no shade.

Hydration pack:
1 full water (started from frozen overnight, was melted by 7 miles in)
1 nuun caffeine Kona kola
1 pouch pineapple jam (had 3 pulls)
1 bag trollis (finished)

I wasn't sure if I'd be able to do this whole thing without a refill of water but the first couple miles not being sunny helped, I took my last sip when I sat down at the finish.